About Me

WordPress Logo - Specialty Website Platform

Specializing in WordPress

It’s the most popular CMS! It powers almost 40% of the Internet (and growing!). Featuring…

  1. Easy customization. You don’t have to pay me for simple changes.
  2. Optimized for mobile. The future of the Internet and majority of your visitors.
  3. Every coder adapts to it. It has the most themes and apps. Tons of them free.
Computer Support and Training Experience - Never stop learning

Support & Training Background

I got my start at Hamilton’s Mohawk College with an Info Systems diploma. Moving into technical Support and Network Administration.

And a knack for training! Handling classes for a cornucopia of different systems. Using layman’s language and simple techniques.

Small Business Owner - Ghost Walks

Small Business Owner

And a small business owner! Starting in 1999, stemming from a love of history and ghost stories,

I built this small business. From scratch to a successful “thing-to-do” in Hamilton and Niagara-on-the-Lake.


WordPress is Slow & Bad for SEO

TRUTH – – With the right knowledge, WP sites have high PageSpeeds. And there are countless tools made for SEO without the need for prior knowledge. For example, the industry leading Yoast.


WordPress lacks beautiful design

TRUTH – – The beauty of the WordPress design is in its Theme. There are thousands (many free) created by Designers who many consider artists. The chosen theme based on your service and brand.


A consultant is worse than a team

TRUTH – – Teams are perfect for large corporations with massive needs. Small businesses need the personal service a single consultant can give. Saving you money through efficient time-management.