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Client Information


Largest project I’ve worked on. Website with many functions (brochure, contact, online shop for flowers, wedding services). All inside a graphic intense site with embedded outside systems.


Accept it might not be as quick as some lighter sites. Leaning towards design over speed for this functional hub. In the end, created a website functioning on many levels to meet the needs of the client.

Supporting Systems used…
  1. WordPress on Elementor Builder – – Used to make major updates easier for the client.
  2. Social Connections – – Embedded YouTube and Instagram for a business focused on their customers.
  3. WooCommerce Shop – – Free online shop system to run Lush Flower Boutique.
  4. FooGallery – – Plugin to run large galleries of Weddings.
  5. ManyChat Bot – – Add Facebook Messenger connection.
  6. Cloudflare CDN – – Deliver images quicker. Take bandwidth away from cost-effective hosting.