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User Experience Planning - Services

Best Website User Experience

It all starts with… what do you want your customer to experience. Make sure we start on the right path. Leading to an organized and well built website.

  1. Figure out what the experience
  2. Needed information & functionality
  3. Supporting tech to realize this vision

The plan ensures we’re not wasting time, and your money. Laser focused on what you need.

Website Development and Building - Services

Website Development

This is the fun part! The best related services and methods to build a lean, mean website machine.

In WordPress there are many ways to do everything. That’s why I use PageSpeed as a foundation. A top ranking method in Google and a must for the best website user experience.

Finding the perfect blend of Design and Functionality. And from this arises the best website. Your visitors will thank you.

On-Going Support - Services Page

On-Going Support

WordPress makes content changes easy. No more wasted, billed, hours from a greedy techie. You’re empowered!

But sometimes you need more. Larger changes and projects as your business grows. Or support for odd failures.

I provide peace of mind. Knowing you have a dedicated Web Consultant. Not only a job title! I’m excited to provide on-going support to all my clients.

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Ghost Walks (my business)

Ghost Walks Tours - Spooky tours in Hamilton and Niagara-on-the-Lake

BUSINESS – – Ghost Walks Tours in Hamilton and Niagara


  • Reservation system Widgets for bookings
  • Online Calendar for upcoming dates
  • Light-weight on Backend Plugins to Speed Loading
  • Multiple Custom Post Types (Updates, Articles, Podcast)
  • Forms for Inquires

Pure Lush Designs

Pure Lush Designs Wedding Services - Website and Online Store

BUSINESS – – Pure Lush Designs Wedding Services


  • Online Shop embedded in Website (WooCommerce Platform)
  • Review & Social Widgets to show Customer Experience
  • Graphic-Heavy website using CDN and Optimization
  • Embedded Contact Forms related to Wedding Industry
  • Facebook Message ChatBot

only the best plugins & Services

Coding and Backend Plugins will always upstage Frontend Plugins. For an efficient and fast site experience…

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Daniel of the Web

I create, build and support websites for Small Businesses. Dedicated to creating a great website for the best cost.

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